Monday, October 5, 2015

American Tragedy...Again

Does this story ever end?
At what point do we as a nation demand the final chapter of this ridiculous book?
Chapter after horror filled chapter, of overtly predictable outcomes.

Our main character: " Dude", with the mental capacity of a box of rocks, coddled by Mommy his entire life, goes off at a school.
With a gun. That he clearly had no business owning.

Which begs the question.
If this guy had no job, (and who would hire a guy that doesn't speak), therefore no means with which to purchase a weapon, or weapons, as is the case here; who bought the guns for this nut? How about the ammo?
Was it Satan? No, probably not "Church Lady".
Or was it Mommy? Again.

Did yet another delusional Mother of a mentally unstable adult child, purposely put weapons in the hands of her beloved box of rocks?
It would appear so.
The only difference this time, Mommy was not the first casualty, as was the case nearly three years ago at Sandy Hook Elementary.
No, this time Mommy gets to live with the carnage wrought by her precious little boy, and the guns she chose to provide him.
No reprieve for you lady.

With any luck at all, and a seriously healthy dollop of justice, this Mommy goes down as an accessory to murder.
If we can't hold the insane accountable for their actions, especially when they off themselves, then shouldn't we hold those people responsible that provide the weapons?
I think so.

Monday, September 28, 2015

"We've got a problem Washington..."

Weak, lackadaiscal, and straight up sorry... that's all one can say for the effort put forth thus far by the American coalition fighting daesh.
So, the Russians stepped in.
"Perfect 'Shit' Storm", another multipart masterpiece of American foreign policy in the making.

Mix a pound of Turkey, with two pounds of NATO, a dash of Australia, add just a smidgen of Hezbollah, Iran, the remaining cast of freedom fighters Assad loyalists, and what we have is a recipe for "successful" sequels like: "World War I: Part 3", and
"Escape of the Sane from Planet Insanity: Germany's Looking Good...This Time",  both features in development as we write.

Truly, for the most part I believe Barry's done a decent job, particularly given what he inherited.

However, when it comes to the Midget of Moscow...
Barry's given him a pass.
Sanctions smanctions.
This little despot needs a smack down. Yesterday.
Taking out his toys in Syria, would send the proper message.
Not only to Vlad, but to Uncle Ernie the Sultan of Turkey as well; he needs to have his efforts redirected like an ADHD kid. He's clearly not read the memo regarding not starting civil wars in one's own country, when there's already chaos on your borders, and in your government, that shit never works out.

Here's your gameplan Barry, I'm giving you a freebie today, 'cause we're brothers from other mothers.
We implement a robust NATO only fly zone, sans the Sultan's Air Farce; backed by a Powell-esque strategy of overwhelming ground force, ejecting not only daesh, but every other bad actor on the stage. Iran, Hezbollah, Assad...
Encourage the further acquisition of historical lands for our real allies Kurdistan, and Armenia.
Make Uncle Ernie understand what the consequences of misalignment are.
Push Putin back into his palace, patiently wait for the peasants to storm the throne...again.
It's Russia, that shit's inevitable.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wake Up Turkey

People of Turkey, your sons are being killed.
Not for the just cause of wiping out daesh, but in committing genocide against the Kurdish people.
Sultan Ernie, has unleashed the dogs of war on you, his own people, in yet another cynical attempt to extend the reach and scope of his power.
This current bloodshed was brought about by Ernies inability to grasp the new reality that faces the region.
Kurdistan, is a true nation, with a functioning government, an army peopled by men and women who are the front line against daesh, and Assad. An army that has held the mighty TAF in check for 30 years plus.

Uncle Ernie on the other hand is a midget despot, taking a powerful country from the path of peace and prosperity, to the well worn road to ruin. You've been here before Turkey, the charges of genocide perpetrated against the Armenian people growing louder with every passing you really want to be associated with the same crime against the Kurds? With a record like that, you're making Nazi Germany look downright moderate.

Bottom line, Uncle Ernie is doing your country absolutely no favors. The war he helped foment, is in your home now, your children in uniform are being targeted and killed by people who only want to live.
Your Sultan Ernie, has brought this on your heads, attacking those who defend themselves against the tyranny of a despot. Step back from the propaganda your government feeds you, and understand that the Kurds are people, human beings just like you.
Like you, they will act to ensure their survival.

Unlike you, they fight for a just cause.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kurdistan: Your Time Is Now

Uncle Sam, I see people like us, good people fighting for their very existence, who are in desperate need of our help.
Because your brother from another mother Uncle Ernie The Sultan of Turkey, is using our technology bombing our best friends in the region.
When he's supposed to be bombing the ISIS he helped create and sustain.

How will we respond?

Will we turn our backs on the Kurdish people carrying our burden?
After all, the reality is if we don't invade Iraq based on bullshit in 2002, there is no ISIS now.
Or, if the "Great White Hunter" Cheney, Bremer, Bush, Rumsfeld and company had the collective intelligence to co opt the Iraqi Army, rather than disburse it with it's weapons caches, know how, and terrain advantage...but that's a whole other post isn't it?
Summing it up in a few words for those who weren't aware: History will not be kind to this "brain" trust.

Then we sat back and looked the other way while Uncle Ernie fed a steady stream of ignorant ISIS fodder into Syria, cynically hoping they would topple Assad, counter Iranian interests, and help decimate the ranks of Hezbollah, all in one brilliant motion.
Didn't happen Ernie.
All while murdering and displacing millions of innocents.
Why are we allowing Uncle Ernie and the Turks to murder the finest allies we have in the fight against daesh, as they continue the struggle to establish a long denied homeland?

Turkey under Sultan Erdogan is a disaster specifically for NATO, Syria, Israel, Kurdistan, and more generally the entire Middle East. Hasn't been a picnic for us either.
So what's our next move Uncle Sam?
Fiddle about while a murderous little despot widens the war?

The Kurds have no intention of waiting for your reply, they're taking the battle straight to Uncle Ernie, and the nutless TAF he neutered so successfully.
Witness the attacks taking place even as I write this.

May God be with them in their fight for freedom, justice and the Kurdish way.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Erdogan: Not America's Ally

Remember the good old days?
When elected governments in Turkey were actually good NATO allies; rather than the duplicitous pile we deal with today?
I do, the guardians of secularism the Turkish Armed Forces, kept wannabe sultan's like uncle Ernie from rising and building 1,000 room palaces, along with religionist cults of personality.

Unfortunately the TAF has been rather successfully neutered, the kangaroo courts hop to Uncle Ernie's dictates; and the ignorant masses of illiterates populating the countryside determine the elections that keep this midget despot in power.

What happened? 

The European Union happened, and Turkey wanted to join really really bad.

However, those incredibly proper Euro's, the same people that plundered planet earth through colonialism. Fomented divisions where they did not previously exist,  and drew up national boundaries without regard for the indigenous who lived in the lands they occupied....

They basically told the TAF: " All these military takeovers of elected governments are rather uncivlized you know? In order to join our elite group of pirates, you'll have to comport yourselves in a wholly different manner." "Should your people wish to elect a Islamist party to govern, then so be it."

How magnanimous Euro zone! The heady days of beating the USSR into economic submission, allowed you to delude yourselves into believing that Ernie's ideas of a new caliphate were somehow compatible with the secular free market ways of the zone. Once again Euro, you chose poorly. As in 1920, when the Ottomans collapsed a free and strong Kurdistan could and should have been allowed to form; predictably your leaders acted only with greed in mind, carving up the carcass and distributing the meat to the victors. Unfortunately, the US government was every bit as guilty, and still hasn't woken up and smelled the Kurdish coffee either.

So now are we going to allow Uncle Ernie to fiddle about and degrade the only fighting force standing up to daesh? 
Why not take this opportunity to correct a historic tragedy? Arm Kurdistan, depose Ernie, return the Turkish Republic to a reliable secular NATO ally. 

Those were the days my friends...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Law Enforcement: Environmental Terrorists

Updating the "Raid of the Decade Debacle" from our last post; we understand that through all of this folly the Three Amigos ended up not making much of an impact on the cannabis market.
Yes prices per pound have risen, great for all of those not targeted, and supply continues completely unabated....
No arrests, the only seizures were legally produced medical cannabis.
California Highway Patrol declined to particpate when they saw the target, Fish and Game stood back and watched as amateur hour unfolded. So the Amigos called out the National God only knows what cost to the taxpayer to witness a display of idiocy run amok.
So, Los Tres Amigos, what was your point?

We're all seeing the propaganda you put out about a half million gallons of water a day being used on these farms...and find it humorous, these guys don't grow almonds Amigos.

There does not exist today, a watershed in the Island area that could possibly support that kind of pumping; nor do these farmers have the capacity to pump that much water in a day let alone a week.
The total finished weight of product from modified light deprivation greenhouses you took, would have amounted to 1200 pounds of finished product; not even what one farmer does in a harvest.
Bottom line the growers I've spoken to who use this method use ONE gallon of water per plant per day.
One sixth the water usage attributed by the "Authority", who needlessly dumped a couple hundred thousand gallons of rainwater down a hill. Water the county will now have to replace at taxpayer expense.
We have laws in California protecting the rights of children, even the children of cannabis farmers, so Amigos when your actions deprive children of water, you open your county and yourselves personally to a possible list of penalties that you legal beagles should be able to sniff out.

Another thing Amigos, if you're going to toss numbers around like you toss each others salads, at least make them verifiable.

Really, going after cannabis activists that can out spend you is, well, pretty foolish considering you don't have the resources to back your play, especially when you don't get Federal dollars for this nonsense anymore.
So stealing a privately owned tractor to destroy a legally permitted water system on another privately owned parcel, does nothing but open the Counties of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity to civil actions that they will surely lose,  leaving your constituents exposed like a pervy flasher on a playground...a crime you really should be after.

Amigos, doing these raids on properties that are the poster children for compliance, illustrates perfectly the Bozo the Clown school of law enforcement you clearly took your degrees from, and a course we need to steer clear of when we elect your replacements.

Using that tractor to destroy a family farmers personal water supply is environmental terrorism conducted by law enforcement. Rolling that farmers water storage tank down a hill, while tearing holes into that container, is terrorism. These acts are no different from any ideologically based campaign of destruction perpetrated by a terrorist group.

Committing terrorist acts while wearing the uniform and badge of law enforcement, reeks of a police state mentality our forefathers fought and died to keep from poisoning our shores.
Isn't it enough that these farmers are willing to jump from persecution to taxation?
Do they also have to see those tax dollars deployed against them and their families by terrorists?

The first Three Amigos film with Chevy Chase, Martin Short, and Steve Martin was a comedy classic for the ages.
This latest iteration starring Sheriffs' Allman, Haney and Downey is an Ishtar like failure.
I hope someone caught it on film...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Law Enforcement: Lashing Out in Their Death Throes

When Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome recently stated, " Good people can disagree", regarding the distance between law enforcement and the cannabis legalization movement, I knew he was sugar coating reality. Pretty sure everybody in the room knew it too.

Well, the push back has begun.
Cynically and stupidly some of those "good people", the Three Amigos Sheriffs from Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties, recently got together a cowboy raiding party to specifically target legal cannabis farmers who are supporting the legalization movement. Farmers who have come out of the dark to have legally permitted water catchment systems, farmers who want to pay taxes, the same taxes that are being misused now to destroy legally permitted water systems during a drought.
100,000 gallons and counting.

Committing the very environmental crimes they claim to prevent.
While stealing private bulldozers to do those crimes.
The Three Amigos call it "asset forfeiture" and "eradication", the rest of society calls it what it is, THEFT.
Doing it all without benefit of search warrant. Illegal.
In the three counties in California that rely most heavily on cannabis cultivation to support their respective economies.

Why? Because guys like Tom Allman the Sheriff of Mendocino County like illegal cannabis.
Besides all the toys they get to choose from before they hit auction, through "asset forfeiture"....
Black market weed is far more profitable than legal stuff, no taxes, higher costs, selective enforcement targeting unwanted competition. Because as you know "Mr. Burkhart, not everybody in Mendocino County is allowed to grow marijuana." That's what I was told in 2008 while sitting in his jail.

With the FBI recently nailing the Deputy Chief of Police in the City of Fresno for dealing prescription narcotics in a sting; makes me wonder if they have their eyes on law enforcement in our cannabis producing counties.
If they don't, they're not doing their jobs.